What To Do After You Experience a Flood

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What To Do After You Experience a FloodYou have just come to terms that your basement is looks like a pool, your personal effects are drowning and that wet, mildew type of smell, is wafting up through your house like someone’s bad body odor. All you want to do is for everything to go back to normal, like it was before the flood, or at least have it fixed with little to no stress. There are certain steps that you must take in order for this to happen.

The absolute, completely non-negotiable first step that you must take when you have a flood is to file an insurance claim immediately. Take photographs of where the flood took place and the objects that were damaged during the flood. Try to bring these objects outside so the damage is easier to see. The next step is to assess the damage, structural and utility damage. Check for gas leaks, electrical system damage, sewage, and water line damage. Always, always take pictures of any damage that you find for your insurance claim.

Another thing to remember when you have experienced a flood is to throw away any food, even canned goods, away that were exposed to the flood. Until authorities tell you that your food and water supply is safe, boil your water and your food preparation to be completely safe. Another thing to remember when you experience flooding in your house is to be sure not to light any fires, matches or cigarette lighters. Gas may be trapped inside the house so this becomes very dangerous, very quickly.

When you experience a flood, things like this add up and can get very stressful very quick. In the San Diego and North County area,since 1983, ThuroDry is the company to call when you have a flood. They are operational twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, in all four of their departments. They are your one-stop-shop for flood-fixing. ThuroDry removes the water, dehumidifies your house and takes away all of the odor and molding that may occur. They also look to see if any of your systems are out of order. They specialize in emergency sewage extraction, containment and hepa-filtration, and bio-washing and treatment. When you call ThuroDry, when they are done, you get your home back with no stress on your part! They even are accepted by all insurance companies and directly bill your insurance so you don’t have to worry about making sure that you don’t get the bill. If you are in the San Diego or North County area and experience a flood, ThuroDry is the place to call for all of your flood worries. You can call them and look more on their website www.ThuroDry.com.