Protecting Your Home from Damage

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Protecting Your Home from DamageHome ownership is a challenging experience that never ceases to have its ups and downs. It seems with every change of season a new repair must be made for the home to continue to be in good repair. Sadly, not every repair can be accomplished without the use of professionals, although a fair few can be done with a little patience and the right tools.


Damage to roofs is common after Spring due to heavy storms. Hail damage is the most common culprit for damage to roofs. Other sources include rain, snow, wind, damage from debris, and more. Often roofs can be repaired, but it is typically up to your insurance company whether or not it needs to be completely replaced. If your roof suffers any damage be sure to contact your insurance company promptly.

If you have access to roofing supplies like shingles, nails, tarps, and a few people willing to help load the supplies you may be able to repair or replace the roof yourself. However, if you have any doubts about your ability to lay shingles it is much better, and easier, to contact a professional. Consider for your roofing repair. Advantage Roofing works quickly and efficiently to make sure your roof is repaired or replaced with as little inconvenience to you as possible.


Pipes suffer normal corrosion over time due to rust and mineral buildup around seals and knobs. Usually, if you clean away the corrosion and reseal the knob the pipes will stop leaking. However, this does not always work. You may need to fit a new seal due to normal wear and tear. Before working on plumbing always turn the water off to your home, or at least to the sink or appliance you are currently attempting to fix.

In many cases damage to plumbing can be prevented. Insulating pipes during Winter will prevent the pipes from becoming too cold and later expanding, which can possibly ruin former fittings and make the metal warp, crack, or rupture. Similarly, do not place objects near pipes that may cause damage.

Brick and Cement

If your home is made of brick, whether partially or completely, you will not experience problems very often as bricks are usually the sturdiest building supply available for home construction. Similarly, well-laid concrete is unlikely to suffer extensive and lasting damage. However, should bricks or concrete begin to breakdown or crack you should contact a professional immediately. As bricks and concrete are the foundations for a home many different elements come into play, which are best left to professionals.