Luxury Vacation Homes

Luxury Vacation Homes

Are you an individual who lives for vacationing and can’t wait until you acquire some more time off from work? Are you looking for some great options of where you can find some luxurious vacation spots? In the wintertime you could visit Beaver Creek. You can ski, golf or enjoy the spa. You can even enjoy live music in front of the main fireplace. Or you could visit the number one ski destination in North America, Vail where you can enjoy some of the finest restaurants and shops. Third, you can visit the world class Market Square. Located close to Vail, you can experience art galleries, fine dining, ice skating, and boutique shopping. If you ask me, these places might not make Winter seem so bad. If you are on the other end of the spectrum like myself, and prefer much warmer climates with lots of sun, you can visit Los Cabos, Mexico. Partake in awesome spas, golf courses, and fine cuisine that Mexico has to offer. Another spot in Mexico you can visit is Cabo San Lucas. There are some great resorts there where you can enjoy an infinity pool and spa and some are within walking distance of Marina and what is said to be fabulous shopping. I know that definitely speaks to me, I love shopping. Especially in different areas so that I can learn more about their culture.

If you’d prefer to stay in the United States for your vacationing pleasure, perhaps Hawaii is a better fit for you. I know this is personally one of my favorite spots as I’ve vacationed there a few times growing up, and chose Hawaii as my honeymoon destination. Your eyes will partake of white sand beaches, beautiful oceanfront and black lava rock formations. Enjoy some of the wonderful island life that is much different than our fast paced society. You can even play championship golf at the course where the PGA Tour Hawaii Pro-Am is played if you visit Honolulu! For all you golf aficionados this is the real deal. These are some great options if you are looking for good vacation spots and want to rent a luxury rental or stay at a nice resort.

What if you are looking for a more permanent luxury vacation home? Something in an area that you want to visit over and over again as the years pass. A great choice for luxury vacation homes is in the Bahamas, particularly, Nassau Island. You are bound to find a good selection of Nassau Island luxury condos that will provide a great vacation home for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come. You have a few different choices for floor plans of your condo depending on what it is that you need. Furthermore, there is no shortage of great fun to be had at the resort. You can relax by any of the 11 pools found within the resort, check out a slew of entertainment such as a casino and theatre, or shop and dine at any of the great shops and restaurants located all over the resort. So visit them today and experience the lazy river or Mayan Temple water slides and find out for yourself what it would be like to own a little piece of paradise!

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