Keeping Your Trees Healthy

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healthy_treeYour trees give your lawn and property that special touch of beauty and elegance. If given the proper care, many trees will thrive for decades. Indeed, they can be passed on as sort of living heirloom from one generation to the next. But it’s not enough to plant a sapling in a spot and just leave it to its own devices. Here are some tips to make sure that your tree maintains its health and beauty for all of its long life:

Put It In the Right Place
Even if a tree is otherwise healthy, putting it in the wrong place means that it will need to be taken down eventually. This means that the home owner must know the shape of the tree and how big it will be when it’s mature. A maple sapling right outside the livingroom window might look pretty today, but 30 years from now it will not only block the view, but its roots might wreak havoc on the house’s foundation. The homeowner should also avoid planting a tree too close to sewer lines because its roots might infiltrate it or under power lines that will eventually get tangled up in the tree’s crown. The owner might need to avoid planting the tree in soil that’s not right for it and plant it according to its need for sunlight. Saplings also need to be protected for the first few years if they’re planted in a place with cold or windy winters. Also, heavy, wet snow should be brushed off of the limbs of conifers to keep the branches from breaking under the weight.

Newly transplanted trees also need to be watered deeply and regularly until they’re established, but they shouldn’t become waterlogged. Mulch around the roots will help hold in water and discourage weeds. However, mulch shouldn’t be allowed to touch the place where the tree trunk meets the root as that can encourage rot. Some trees might need to be staked for a couple of years or so. Conifers tend to need a longer period of this intensive care than deciduous trees.

Pruning and Trimming
Trees that have grown tangles of limbs and branches need to be pruned, not just for attractiveness but for their health. Air needs to be able to circulate freely through the branches and branches shouldn’t be allowed to rub against each other. Many home owners are nervous about pruning their tree. The fear everything from doing it the wrong way to killing the tree outright. In that case, a professional arborist like Tree Trimming Waterbury can be called in.

These tips will go a long way in helping the trees on a property live long and healthy lives.